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How would you like to get your hands on our Gardening Planner, alongside 15 additional social media posts, 15 planner covers, 15 stickers, a 30 day cleaning challenge and 12 kids chore cards?

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Garden Planner

Introducing the ultimate garden planner – a 25-page Canva editable template designed to help your customers plan and track their gardening progress with ease. 

With pages including plant profiles, seed stock takes, fertilizer stock takes, monthly planting schedules, a vegetable calendar, growth logs, garden layout pages, and more, this garden planner is the perfect tool for any gardening enthusiast.

Keep track of planting progress, monitor garden’s growth, and stay on top of gardening tasks with this easy-to-use template. With customizable pages and a user-friendly design, the garden planner can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, making it the perfect tool for any gardening project.

Whether a seasoned gardener or just starting out, the garden planner is an indispensable tool for anyone who loves to grow their own vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

Included pages:

  • Plant profile
  • Seed stock take
  • Fertilizer stock take
  • Plants/items to buy
  • Gardening calendar
  • Harvest log
  • Pest and disease control
  • Soil condition
  • Watering calendar
  • Seeding log
  • Repellant stock take
  • Plant details
  • Garden layout
  • Garden plan
  • Plot plan
  • Monthly planting
  • Monthly tasks
  • Garden budget/spend
  • Weekly tasks
  • Vegetable calendar
  • Fruit calendar
  • Growth log
  • 2 x Notes

15 Additional Home Cleaning Social Media Posts

Imagine selling just five of these products at $15 each per day could potentially make you an extra $27,375 a year!

30 Day Declutter Challenge

Designed to help tackle clutter one day at a time, this template is the perfect tool for anyone looking to simplify their home and their life. 

With a daily decluttering task for each day of the month, the 30-day declutter challenge template is designed to help break down the decluttering process into manageable chunks. 

Whether decluttering the closet, kitchen, or home office, this template has everything needed to stay on track. 

With customizable pages and a user-friendly design, the declutter challenge template can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to simplify their home and their life. 

15 Additional Planner Covers

These 15 customizable cleaning themed planner covers are designed to give you even more choice when creating a personalized and functional planner design.

The covers can be gorgeously designed to make them truly unique.

Whether one is a professional organizer or a home cleaning enthusiast, these planner covers are the perfect way to stay organized and inspired. 

- Easy to use Canva Templates
- Fully researched niches and professional designed
- Skip the months of trial and error and start making easy sales today!

15 Additional Home Cleaning Stickers

These 15 customizable cleaning themed stickers are the perfect addition to any home cleaning or organizing routine. 

They are designed to add some fun and personality to one’s cleaning routine and keep them motivated and inspired.  

With the ability to customize the stickers with personal branding and messaging, they can be made unique to one’s brand. 

Whether one is a professional organizer or simply someone who enjoys cleaning and keeping their home tidy, these stickers are sure to add a touch of fun and inspiration to their routine.

12 Kids Chore Cards

The 12 kids chore cards are the perfect tool for busy parents looking to get their kids involved in household chores and teach them responsibility. 

This set of customizable chore cards is designed to make it easy for parents to assign age-appropriate tasks to their children, with 12 different chore cards to choose from, including tasks like washing dishes, making beds, and vacuuming. 

These chore cards not only help parents get more done around the house but also teach their children valuable life skills and promote a sense of responsibility and teamwork. 


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