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The PLR Home Cleaning Printable Mega Bundle

Introducing The Home Cleaning Printable Mega Bundle.

A Collection Of Canva Editable Templates That Will Allow You To Give Your Own Customers A Complete Solution To Keeping A Tidy And Organized Home.

Does this sound familiar?

Every time you sit down to create a digital product, it feels like an endless cycle of trial and error.  

You spend hours designing and writing content, only to realize that it doesn’t look as good as you want it to or doesn’t offer enough value to justify a higher price. 

You know that creating high-quality digital products is the key to increasing revenue and building a strong brand, but the process is exhausting and takes away from your focus on your core business.

Well look no further, my friend!
Introducing the ultimate solution for creating professional HOME CLEANING digital products in a flash!

Say goodbye to complex design processes and hello to simple drag-and-drop templates, customizable to perfection.

With The PLR Home Cleaning Printable Mega Bundle, you’ll get everything you need to create a best-selling, completely customizable home cleaning products that your customers will adore.

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Take a peek at what's inside....

The "Clean Home" Planner

With 36 pages of customizable templates, this planner is designed to help you create a personalized cleaning and maintenance schedule for your own customers.

Whether they’re busy parents or working professionals, the Clean Home Planner has everything they will need to stay on top of their cleaning tasks and maintain a tidy and organized home. 

With pages including a weekly cleaning checklist, cleaning hacks, deep cleaning checklists for all of the rooms in the home, a maintenance checklist, and more, this planner has all the tools you need to create a personalized product that you will be proud of!

With customizable pages and a user-friendly design, the Clean Home Planner can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences and with the ability to sell it for a higher price point, you can generate passive income while helping others keep their homes clean.

Included pages:

  • Family chore chart
  • Weekly cleaning checklist
  • 2 x Monthly cleaning checklist
  • Daily cleaning checklist
  • Cleaning hacks
  • Seasonal cleaning checklist
  • 7 x Deep cleaning checklists
  • 3 x My deep cleaning checklist
  • My cleaning schedule
  • Maintenance checklist
  • 5 Minute speed cleaning tasks
  • Cleaning checklist
  • To do list
  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • 12 x Monthly planner pages

Imagine selling just three of these products at $15 each per day could potentially make you an extra $16,425 a year!

5 Home Cleaning Social Media Posts

These 5 customizable cleaning themed social media posts are designed to take your social media game to the next level. 

They are perfect for any home cleaning or organizing business looking to engage their audience and build their brand on social media. 

With a range of customizable templates to choose from, these posts are sure to resonate with your audience and keep them coming back for more. 

Additionally, the templates can be customized with personal branding and messaging, making them unique to your brand. 

5 Home Cleaning Planner Covers

These 5 customizable cleaning themed planner covers are designed to give you even more choice when creating a personalized and functional planner design.

The covers can be gorgeously designed to make them truly unique.

Whether one is a professional organizer or a home cleaning enthusiast, these planner covers are the perfect way to stay organized and inspired. 

- Easy to use Canva Templates

- Fully researched niches and professionally designed

- Skip the months of trial and error and start making easy sales today!

5 Home Cleaning Themed Stickers

These 5 customizable cleaning themed stickers are the perfect addition to any home cleaning or organizing routine. 

They are designed to add some fun and personality to one’s cleaning routine and keep them motivated and inspired.  

With the ability to customize the stickers with personal branding and messaging, they can be made unique to one’s brand. 

Whether one is a professional organizer or simply someone who enjoys cleaning and keeping their home tidy, these stickers are sure to add a touch of fun and inspiration to their routine.

This PLR House Cleaning Mega Printable Bundle, is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to get you earning FAST… without spending weeks or a fortune on product creation…

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Hi, I'm Roxy aka Head "Creative Mama" in charge!

I am a MUM of 3 beautiful children and live in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city know as London, England.

If you’ve landed here then I am sure that you are a fellow or aspiring creative entrepreneur, or possibly a small business owner, and that you have a passion for creating high-quality, thoughtfully designed products that your audience will adore.

But, let’s face it, creating all of these designs from scratch can be a real headache. I know this all too well, because I’ve been there, too.

Well, let me be the solution to your problem. I am here to help you take your business to new heights with my stunning, professional templates that are fully customizable to perfectly match your brand.

This is exactly why this PLR bundle will help you side step all of the product design headaches and get straight to selling!  

Take advantage of one of the easiest ways of earning passive income, by starting your digital products business with me today!

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